RSOPENVQS: Chris Joslin Wants Your Submissions!

Learn how you can win a chance to compete in the Rockstar Energy Open and win weekly cash prizes...

Chris Joslin explains how anyone can submit a video to the Rockstar Energy Video Qualifier Series (RSOPENVQS) to battle with the top pros at the first Rockstar Energy Open. You heard it right; all you have to do is post your video clips to Instagram using the hashtag #RSOPENVQS to enter and be judged by your best tricks. The top 10 men and women selected from the RSOPENVQS will be able to compete in the street portion of the Open this August.

If that deal isn't good enough for you to post, we'll also be giving away $1,000 weekly to the best men's and women's videos submitted, $1,000 to the overall best trick for men and women, and a grand prize of $2,500 to the men's and women's viewer's choice video.

Submissions are open until August 2nd, and the top 10 winners will be announced on August 7th. Click here for more details on the RSOPEN VQS, and get to posting!