2024 Dams Junk Jam hosted by Dan Plunkett

When life hands you junk, make a jam out of it. That's precisely what Dan Plunkett set out to do, but instead, he called up his friends to bring more junk, have Sven Barth sell his refreshing Sven's Nuts, a Satan's Drano pop-up sale, and invited Ira Ingram to film all the junk shredding. The inaugural 2024 Dams Junk Jam went down in Down Town Los Angeles and went off with custom junk features and a crew of junk rippers: Matt Gottwig, Justin Strubing, Robbie Brockel, Ryan Townley, Hayateng Kitsune, Dion Brown, Jake Anderson, Clint Peterson, Heath Kirchart, Sven Barth, Grant Yansura, and more.

Filmed by Ira Ingram, Tom Carter, Mark Spencer
Edit by Tom Carter
Music: Datu 2 by Free The Robots